Love Me Not

Our newest film!

Let’s Watch Horror Podcast

Thank you to the Let’s Watch Horror Podcast for the smashing review. Out of England, they had some of the best quips so far for our film. Plus the podcast is very funny! They urge us to turn into a feature – and they call it:  Shocking! Disquieting! Intriguing!

Take a listen and leave amazing comments for them!

Soundbite – 1000 views

Happy to announce that as of today, November 19. 2018 our film Soundbite has 1000 views on YouTube. This is a big mile stone for us. This is the first film we have launched under Horror House – and to receive such great reviews and wonderful feedback excites us and motivates us to continue moving forward and creating amazing horror content for everyone!

Thank you everyone for your support of both Soundbite and Horror House!